waxing made simple

About Us

Hello, and welcome to our website!  Prairie Ski is a company founded by skiers, for skiers. We are the official sellers of Yes Skiwax in Canada and the USA.

We are a passionate and dedicated company committed to the sport of Cross Country skiing at all levels.  Our goal is to provide products and information that enhance your skiing experience.

We are located in Winnipeg, Manitoba... the heart of the Great Canadian Prairies.  We LOVE our winters and don't usually worry about enough snow or cold-enough temperatures.

We are excited to be selling Yes Skiwax products.  The ROTO Wax System is revolutionary in terms of ease of use, speed of waxing, quality of waxing, safety of waxing, and cost of waxing.  It has been changing the face of skiing in North America by allowing coaches to spend more time with athletes and less time in the wax room.


Meet our Team

Jeff - Teacher, ski coach, running coach, wax tech, father of three, husband of one, former collegiate runner, competitive master skier.  The better looking one of the two bald guys with glasses.

Steve - Ski coach, high level master ski racer, 2017 USA Vassaloppet Champion, International ski announcer,  former competitive biker, retired.  The smarter and funnier one of the two bald guys with glasses. 

Gina - Teacher, editor, caterer, crafter, outdoor enthusiast, runner, skier, mother of three and wife of one.  Quite possibly the glue that holds us together.