waxing made simple


Q. How long does it take to wax a pair of skis?

A. On average, to clean, wax and polish will take about 2 to 4 minutes per ski. The more you use the system the more efficient you will become.

Q. How many waxes can I get from using one 10g wax?

A. You should expect to get close to 100 pairs of skis out of one 10g wax. 

Q. What is the longest race I can do with this wax?

A. The distance varies with snow conditions, but 50km would be the upper range. 

Q. Do I need a new wool fleecy for every different ROTO wax I have?

A. You cannot mix waxes on the fleecy! You can either have one fleecy with each wax (make sure to label each one) OR you can dry-clean the fleecy before using a new wax range on it.

Q. Do I need to clean the ski each time I use this wax?

A. Yes. You want to start with a clean base before application. Cleaning the ski will maximize effectiveness of the wax, leading to faster skis.

Q. In which temperature ranges does Yes Skiwax work best? Can it work in extreme COLD?

A. We're glad you asked that. YES it can. We have been testing YES exclusively in our cold weather laboratory - Winnipeg. The NF green has been performing equal to better than any paraffin wax that we have been testing it against. 

Q. I'm happy with my current brand of glide wax, why should I switch?

A.  If you have used the same wax for years and know how it runs in every condition, and if you enjoy ironing, scraping, brushing and don’t have many skis to wax, there is no need to switch brands.

This system is made for skiers in 4 categories:

1) Racers - skiers who want the fastest skis on race day.
2) Clubs/stores with a large number of skis to wax.
3) Skiers who just don’t like spending time waxing.
4) Skiers who get grief from their spouses about the amount of mess they make from scraping.

Q. Is there a difference between Master Wax and Yes Skiwax?

A. Yes! The wax itself is where the big difference is between these two companies. Yes Skiwax has the patent for Giorgio Girardi's special molecular formula that has made Yes Skiwax the "go to" wax on the World Cup.  With Yes Skiwax, you won't see the usual fingerprints on the waxed ski base because the oily parts get rejected resulting in extremely fast skis.