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Prairie Ski Naturals Descriptions

1/  Naturals Green

Very cold ❄
Best in cold, dry, old, hard packed snow.  Can be used alone or as a base for other cold waxes

 -15 and colder.

2/ Naturals Blue

Cold and dry ❄
Best in cold and all dry snow conditions, excellent in dry new snow falling at -8/-18. 

3/ Naturals Violet

New ❄ cold 
Fantastic cold wax from cold to warmer temps -12/-4, great wax for New snow cold, but likes all types of snow in this temperature range.

4/ Naturals Violets Black

Transformed ❄ cold 
Perfect wax for all little transformed, transformed, and artificial snow types from -12/-4 

5/ Naturals Red

Universal all ❄ types
Excellent wax for New snow around freezing temps staying cold, fantastic on glazed snow conditions 0/-4

6/ Naturals Red Black

Universal transformed ❄ 
Super wax for all transformed snow around freezing and staying cold 

7/  Naturals Pink

Warm All ❄ types
Excellent wax on new snow around freezing and New snow wet. 

8/ Naturals Pink Grey (pink with black writing on label)

Warm All Hard Packed ❄ types 
Absolute race wax for all Transformed, and artificial on Hard packed surface from +1/-4 

9/ Naturals Pink Black

Warm All Soft Packed ❄ types -2 to +15C
This one is fantastic on all Transformed soft packed snow surface, and dirty snow.. 

10/ Naturals Grey Base

Base from cold to warm ❄ 
This base was is best on Hard Packed fine snow and on Artificial snow... -2/-15

11/  Naturals Black Base

 Transformed ❄ types, -10/+5, only for Transformed, and old icy snow