ULL*A Sport develops and manufactures an innovative and sustainable ski wax that is completely FREE of Fluorocarbons and is environmentally friendly without sacrificing speed, cost, or ease of use.

As an entirely Canadian company, ULL*A proudly sources and manufactures all our products locally within Canada.

To create innovative and sustainable ski waxes that are not only competitive, but also environmentally safe.


The skiers behind the mission for an easier, safer wax.

Claude Prica

Co-Owner & Director, Brand

Jeff McMillan

Co-Owner & Director, Marketing & Sales

ULL*A was created for those that are looking to level-up. We're out here enjoying. Join us! Let's go fast together.


ULLA Sport is changing the game when it comes to ski wax, a change cross country skiing has sorely needed.

Because of the harmful effects of fluorocarbons, the International Ski Federation is committed to banning any ski wax that uses these environmentally unsafe and toxic compounds. Ski wax manufacturers in the industry are scrambling to find an alternative yet their solutions continue to be an environmental detriment. Cross country racers and master skiers alike are looking elsewhere.

ULLA Sport develops and manufactures an innovative and sustainable ski wax that is completely free of fluorocarbons and is environmentally friendly without sacrificing performance, cost, or ease of use. In fact, it’s the opposite; we enhance performance, cost, and ease of use.

Everyone always wants to go faster.

We get that. Our world is predicated upon that. The natural impulse is to believe that because it’s a sustainable product, I must be going slower. However, that’s simply not true. ULLA’s non-fluoro glide wax offers skiers a competitive edge that allows them to achieve speeds that may have been previously unreachable.

We really want to emphasize this is a sustainable solution, not just an alternative. Our wax is capable of everything fluorocarbons can do and then some. Our products even make for a much simpler application process. You don’t need a gas mask to apply hazardous chemicals. ULLA wax is made from non-toxic, non-flammable, non-fluoro, and non-hazardous ingredients. With our various application systems, you can apply a coat of wax in less than five minutes.

Ultimately, this wouldn’t be much of a solution if it cost exorbitant amounts, where only the elite could afford a product like this. Luckily, our waxes are an inexpensive-per-application solution.

The question becomes obvious: why would skiers of any level continue to use a wax that is deemed a harmful substance, when our innovative and sustainable solution is faster, cheaper, and easier to use?

When it comes to a clean and environmentally safe ski wax, ULLA Sport has changed the game, and we’re confident that master skiers, racers, and ski shops all over the world are ready to change theirs too.


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