FAQ [English]

Why should I choose ULL*A?

Because waxing should be fast in every way:  Fast performance on skis. Fast and easy application. Clean and no waste.

What does "ULL*A" mean?

The name has Norwegian roots. We use wool for our cold application method. ULL means ‘wool’ in Norwegian and A stands for Application. 

Direct translation = Wool Application

Where is ULL*A made?

We have sourced and manufactured all ULL*A products locally and/or within Canada.
We are proud to be an entirely Canadian company.

Are all ULL*A waxes fluorocarbon-free?

Absolutely, yes! 

Our products are 100% free of fluorocarbons and 100% biodegradable.

Is ULL*A wax durable?

Yes, our wax is very durable. 

With the use of our application tools, one layer of wax is good for 20+ kilometres.

Can ULL*A perform as well as fluorocarbon-based products?

Yes, absolutely!  

ULL*A has been tested for racing since 2017 and has won wax tests around the world. 
ULL*A can keep up with (and exceed) the performance of the high fluorocarbon products.

Can I iron over ULL*A wax?


Please do not use an iron!

Using an iron on ULL*A wax will burn the layer of wax and will not serve any purpose.

We advise you use a cold application method for any liquid or block-fluorocarbon you choose to use on top of ULL*A wax (if fluorocarbon is permitted).

That being said, we strongly advise ULL*A-on-ULL*A use. Our products have been designed to work together best and will give you the best performance outcome when paired together.

Can I put ULL*A wax over fluorocarbon, HF, and powders?


Applying ULL*A on top of other wax products has been done many times. Our testing results have shown that it actually improves the glide performance of other waxes. 

How important is it that I use the ULL*A cold application system to achieve the best performance with my skis?

It is very important!  

Check out our Wax Tips for guidance and more information on how to make your skis very fast by applying our wax correctly and using our proprietary tools.

How do I apply ULL*A wax using the Roller Tool application?

Turn your power drill into the ultimate wax applicator with the ULL*A Roller Tool. With ULL*A waxes, your application time and difficulty level are already low, but with the ULL*A Roller Tool system, it's even easier! Plug the ULL*A Drill Handle into the Roller, and into your power drill head. Wrap the Roto Wool tightly around the Roller and you're ready to go. 

Best use of ULL*A Roller Tool is on a drill with rpm range of 1600 to 2700, with a limit of use at 3000 rpm.

*Safety Note: Do not use ULL*A Roller Tool at speeds of 3500+ rpm, as the wool may fly off.

Can all ULL*A waxes be used on top of one another?

Yes, in fact we advise it!

ULL*A waxes should be layered to achieve the best durability and glide. If you use the kick wax principles – one base and two top layers – your skis will last over 50 kilometres.

Can I use other application methods aside from the ULL*A tools?

Of course!

However, we have developed the ULL*A tools specifically to achieve the best possible results.

Tests have shown that our tools are actually improving glide performance.

Can I use any other products with ULL*A wax?

Yes. Many wax technicians have been using ULLA wax for their racers… as a base for their existing race toppers.

How long does application take for a pair of XC skis/alpine skis with ULL*A wax?

It takes less than 5 minutes to wax and polish a layer.

Applying three layers of wax for racing a long distance will take (at most) 15 minutes.

Should I clean my skis before waxing with ULL*A?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you clean your skis before re-waxing in order to remove all dirt and to recondition the base for the next layers.

What do we recommend? ULL*A Base Cleaner/Conditioner!

Can I re-wax a new layer/colour over the wax I used as a base without cleaning the skis?

Yes, you can re-wax on top of any wax color if you polish (brush) the layer of wax before applying the next layer.

What if I don’t have the same glide even if I used the correct wax for the conditions?

Depending on the snow types and humidity you should always try a colder colour or a warmer wax option for the same air temperatures.

Can I apply ULL*A wax on skins?

Yes, you can definitely wax your skin skis with ULL*A wax.

Can I use a black ULL*A wax on top of a plain-coloured one? (Ex., Red Black on Red)

Yes. This method is highly recommended; especially if the snow transforms fast and the humidity is very high.

Can the entire ULL*A wax system (wax, cleaner, tools) be carried on airplanes?

Yes, you can take our system on an airplane. It can even go on carry-on *except for our drill handle which must be stored in check-luggage.

For carry-on only travel, we suggest the ULL*A Hand Tool and Horsehair Brush paired with your choice of ULL*A Glide and Liquid Race Speed waxes.

Our new ULL*A Glide Wax Race Line is perfect for travelling, with two wax types in each!

As always, please refer to updated airline regulations while packing.

Why does ULL*A have only one hand brush and how is it different from the competition?

You only need this one specific brush for ULL*A waxes.

Our hand brush is 100% pure horsehair for the best anti-static effect.

Can I use a drill roller + brush combination to apply?

Yes. Fine nylon & fine horsehair are good, but we still recommend that you polish with our 100% Horsehair hand brush for the best performance.

Are you working on any new products?

No matter the time of year, the answer is always YES!

Like anything else, we believe that there is always room for improvement.

For that reason, we value customer feedback. Please reach out to us if there's anything you'd like to see, performance feedback, or positive reinforcement! We'd love to hear from you.

Please use our contact page form or email us at info@ullasport.com.