Terms of Service

These terms of service apply to the purchase agreement with you as a customer, the person who makes the purchase, enter with the following entities, hereafter referred to as “ULL*A Sport” or “seller”.
In addition to our sales conditions below, consumer purchases over the internet are regulated by e.g. the Consumer Purchases Act, the Right of Withdrawal Act and the E-Commerce Act. As long as it does not contravene mandatory legislation, the conditions below take precedence over the law.


  • ULL*A Sport Winnipeg, Manitoba
Contact with these local entities can be made via info@ullasport.com.
When you make a purchase, you accept our terms of purchase, and a binding agreement is entered between ULL*A Sport and you as a customer. ULL*A Sport owns the brands ULL*A and ULL*A Racing.


Is the person listed as the buyer in the order (hereafter also referred to as "you" or "yours").


All prices stated in the online store are listed in realtime .The order's total cost will appear at check-out, and includes all expenses associated with the purchase, including applicable taxes and shipping etc.
We reserve the right to change prices and price errors on our products. Offers apply as long as the stock lasts and within the time frame of the specific campaign.
There may be errors in our inventory. If we are missing any of the items you have ordered, we will send the items we have in stock and credit missing item(s), or delete the order if we can not deliver any of the items.
Discount codes always apply to ordinary goods and not already discounted goods. Some discount codes are for personal use and we reserve the right to reject any sales and deactivate discount codes if we suspect misuse. The limit of discount use is one discount code per order.
The currency in our online store is governed by the delivery country you have selected. If you want another currency/shipping country, this can be changed via the top menu by clicking on the globe icon and selecting country in the submenu.


The agreement is binding for both parties when you have submitted the order to us.
The agreement is not binding if there have been typing errors in the offer from us in the ordering process, in the online store, or in your order, and the other party realized or should have realized that such an error existed. For example, if a product has no price or stock is not available.
Once we have received your order, you will receive an order confirmation. It is recommended that you check the order confirmation, ensuring it matches the order quantity, item type, price, etc. If there is no correspondence between the order and the order confirmation, you should contact us as soon as possible.


You can choose between secure payment methods, all in collaboration with Shopify Payments.
If you have further questions about the various payment solutions, please contact us directly at info@ullasport.com.


The shipping amount for all consumer orders will appear in the shopping cart before the order is made. Shipping rates for all wholesale orders will be determined on an order-by-order basis and based on the retailer agreement for each wholesale partner.


Risk of the item passes over to you when the goods have been delivered in accordance with section 9. We are responsible for the item until it has been delivered to you.


According to the Right of Withdrawal Act, each customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement by notifying us within 14 days from the day you received the item. As a customer with us, you also have 30 days of free returns of unused goods. To exercise the right of cancellation or return, you must contact us within 30 days of receiving the goods.
If you use the right of cancellation or return, you will be refunded the value of the goods at the time of purchase, within 14 days after we have received and processed your return. You will receive an email when your return has been processed. If you have paid by card, the amount will be returned directly to the same card you used when purchasing.
We will update the invoice as soon as we have processed your return.
In order to get a refund of the entire amount for the right of return/cancellation, the item must be returned in the same condition as when you received it. Meaning, in original product packaging, with all labels attached, without odour or marks. If the original product packaging is damaged, the item will be considered used.
If you return a used item, we assess the item's value reduction, and refund the item's used value. An item without original product packaging, labels or with odours / marks will be considered used and the entire amount will not be eligible for a refund.


We do our very best to deliver as quickly as possible at any time. Delivery time varies by selection of shipping type at checkout.
We point out that we make reservations about delays during periods of high demand with us or shipping companies. Maximum delivery time is 3 weeks from when your order was placed. If your order has not been delivered by that time, you as a customer have the right to cancel the purchase at no cost, unless otherwise agreed. The right of withdrawal is not triggered automatically if the package is not received.


If there is a defect and/or error with the item, you have a right of complaint for 90 days from the time you received the item. This presupposes that you as a customer send us a claim within a reasonable time after you discovered or should have discovered the defect. We then require close-ups, as well as an overview of the item's shortcomings. If anything is damaged / marks / stains / odours on the product when you receive the package from us, you must contact us immediately to inform about this so that we can register this on your order if you are to return the product.
Please note that if the item has been used abnormally or against its suitable use, the right to make a complaint for 90 days does not apply.
If we have packed the wrong item(s), it is important that you notify us within 14 days of the item(s) being received. We will pay the return cost and send the correct item(s) - provided that it is still in stock.
It is important that you have a receipt for your purchase. If you have the current order number for the complaint, it will be proof to us that the item has been purchased in our store.
In the event of a complaint, the customer will be refunded the same amount for the complaint item as when it was purchased, or a new item if we still have the product in stock.
In the same way that it is our responsibility that the package arrives to you, it is your responsibility as a customer that the package arrives to us. If you choose the tracking package, you can be sure that it will not disappear. If you choose a cheaper variant without tracking, you have less control over where your package is.


In the event of circumstances beyond our control, such as changes in legislation, government decisions, strikes, blockades, sabotage, war, terrorism, fires, floods, natural disasters, pandemics or similar incidents, our obligation to fulfill the purchase agreement shall be suspended for as long as the circumstances applies.


Read more about how we process personal information in our privacy policy.


If you provide user reviews of products on our websites, you also give ULL*A Sport the right to publish these on our websites as well as in other channels and media.


In the event of a dispute, local law, based on delivery country applies.
If you have any questions about the content of the terms of conditions, right of withdrawal practice, claims, transport damage or other, contact our customer service.