Our ULLA Race Service Team has put in countless hours and had relentless dedication in determining not only the best wax for every condition, but also the best application tools and methods to make your ULLA experience seamless. 

The following is a reference guide of our proprietary tips and tricks for performance-driven application. 


Be sure to check out our ULLA WAX CHART below.

We've included it as a PDF download so you can print your own copy. 



- ULLA Waxes: One for each snow condition.
- ULLA Roller Tool: Includes quickly interchangeable wool applicators for each wax colour; wide enough to use two wax colours per roller. 
- ULLA Hand Tool: Has a cork-side and a wool-side; each side is removable in order to use different colours of wax.
- ULLA Horsehair Brush: 100% horsehair; for cleaning and polishing wax onto the ski base.
- ULLA Conditioner/Cleaner: Entirely earth-friendly, biodegradable product.

    Our application method is simple and effective thanks to our specific tools.  You will notice how important the quality of the tools must be in order to achieve the best possible glide experience. 

    Our tools have been tested and are specifically designed for our ULL*A waxes.


    1)  Rub the wax against our wool roller for just a few seconds. Apply our wool roller on the skis to set the wax on the base.


    2)  Rub the wax on the skis and set it into the base with our hand tool or wool roller.

    Afterwards, brush and polish skis with the hand brush.




    - Clean skis with our biodegradable base cleaner
    - Dry ski base with shop towel
    - Brush out structure of skis before applying any wax


      - Rub wax into ski-base with the cork-side
      - Rub and polish skis with the wool-side


        - Brush and polish skis with the hand brush


          Our ULLA Wax System can be used with any hand-held drill (electric or battery) from 1500 to 2500 rpm.


          - Rub some wax onto the wool from 1500 to 2500 rpm max.
          - Start the wool application from the center of the ski to the end and then apply from the tip to the binding.
          - Push the wool/fleece against the base with a decent amount of pressure from the middle to the end of the ski, and with less pressure from the tip to the binding.
          - Go back and forth with the drill by releasing the pressure while going back, and increasing the pressure going into the glide.
          - After only 1 minute of wool application you can start (very gently) brushing the excess wax out of the structure and then polishing.

            Message from the team:

            Everyone who waxes skis is creative!  Let us know if you find even simpler and better methods. We always want to improve.


            TESTS & RESULTS

            We have been testing against all our competitors since 2017. The conclusions are that ULLA – with our unique non-fluorocarbon waxes – keeps up with every HF wax and most of the 100% fluoro products on the market.

            Our durability tests have shown a constant glide up to 25 km using only one layer of wax.  However, we recommend that you layer our products as you would in the kick-wax world.  For example, one base layer and one top layer (for 30km) and up to three or four layers for 50+ km races.




            BEST GLIDE 

            Apply two layers of the same wax. Tests have shown that performance is better with two layers of topping wax. Polishing will be key for the acceleration capacity of our products.


            Use our biodegradable cleaner to clean the ski base before every wax test and after every long ski session.  By doing so, you will prepare the base for the next layers. Apply the cleaner, then dry the skis off with a shop towel and polish them well with our horsehair brush.

            We recommend that you clean the skis when the snow conditions are dirty. (If the snow is clean just re-polish the base before you reapply the next layer in order to add glide to the base. The hand brush will be enough.)


            Make sure you have one cleaning brush and one wax-polishing brush for best results. We have developed a very unique hand brush (100% horsehair) for cleaning and polishing your skis.

            ULL*A WAX CHART

            Download our PDF Wax Chart for your on-the-go reference.

            TIP: Save to your mobile device or print and laminate for a snow-proof reference experience.

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