We are pleased to announce the launch of our NEW ULL*A Racing Line for the 2022-2023 winter season.


For the past two years, ULL*A has demonstrated winning results in the cross-country ski world. As such, we chose to dedicate our product development to something that was geared exclusively to our racers; cross-country AND alpine. With our NEW ULL*A Racing line, we've extended our easy, non-fluorocarbon wax offering to those of you who don't simply want to go fast. You want to go faster.




Speed is a science, and we've taken the time to perfectly pair our waxes and tools into two distinct lines to make your ULL*A shopping experience just as easy as our waxing process.

Presenting the NEW ULL*A Racing Kits:

  • ULL*A Pro Alpine
    A liquid-only wax kit highlighting our newest products - ULL*A Liquid Race Speed. Optimized for fast and ongoing applications throughout the day, this kit is the complete package for anyone looking to get to the bottom of the mountain faster than ever before.
  • ULL*A Master Racing
    A solid-only wax combination, optimized for master skiers and all cross-country conditions. This kit comes complete with all the tools you'll need for fast and easy maintenance.
  • ULL*A Pro Team
    We couldn't forget our race teams. This kit contains all our waxes (solid and liquid), in sizes that make sense, arming coaches with the tools necessary to tackle any snow condition thrown at them.

... and now let's focus on those new liquid waxes.

Presenting the NEW ULL*A Liquid Race Speed Waxes. 
Optimized for compact snow types, this wax is available in

  • Blue for All Compact Snow Types [-10 C / -20 C (14 F / -4 F)]
  • Violet for All Compact Snow Types [-5 C / -12 C (23 F / 10 F)]
  • Red Black for Compact Transformed Snow [-1 C / -6 C (30 F / 21 F)]
  • Yellow Black for Compact Transformed Snow [+6 C / -2 C (42 F / 28 F)]

To make sure our racers are ready for it all, we've also adapted our Glide Wax line for speed (in more ways than one) - introducing the ULL*A Glide Wax Race Line. Bringing you everything you loved about our original waxes into the perfect race-appropriate pairings. Each Race Line hard wax comes complete with a 10g serving of ULL*A wax; 5g of each wax type within a targeted optimal temperature range to be sure that no matter the condition, you're ready for it. ULL*A Glide Wax Race Line is available in

The winter is coming fast, and with ULL*A we will be faster than ever.

Check out our NEW ULL*A Racing line, and other suite of products by visiting our updated online store, or an ULL*A retailer near you.


- Your ULL*A Service Team



Long Distance Racing, with ULL*A
Long Distance Racing, with ULL*A
How ULL*A Came To Be
How ULL*A Came To Be

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