Safe, Easy, & Fast

Our greatest concern (besides speed) when developing ULLA waxes was maintaining a high level of quality AND value for our customers.

For this reason, we want to be sure you know exactly how we've addressed each of the factors that skiers are using to assess waxes they choose to include in their arsenal. 


Get ahead of the Fluorocarbon ban, with ULLA. 

At some point in the 2023 season, the International Ski Federation will ban fluorocarbon waxes, and master skiers, racers, ski clubs, and ski stores will have to find an alternative wax solution.
Many ski wax manufacturers use fluorocarbon compounds in their waxes because they excel in repelling water. But governments and organizations around the world have deemed fluorocarbons extremely toxic, having inimical effects on the environment.
ULLA Sport is completely unaffected by this decision. In fact, we’ve had a leg up since day one. We’ve been creating and innovating clean and environmentally safe ski products that also have a competitive edge over other wax products.


ULLA waxes are 100% free of fluorocarbons and 100% biodegradable.


Yes, our mandate is to create environmentally safe and clean ski wax, but we also strive to make the most competitive product we can.
Everyone wants to go faster.
Everyone wants an edge.
And when it comes to performance, master skiers and racers alike choose ULLA products time and time again. ULLA ski wax can actually help you achieve speeds that were previously unreachable.


When it comes to applying wax to your skis, ULLA Sport is shifting the paradigm. Gone are the days of gas masks and elaborate setups. The non-toxic nature of our wax allows for a simple and efficient application, one you can do on your own.
With our application systems, it takes fewer than five minutes to wax and polish a layer. ULLA Glide Wax is very durable, as one layer of wax is good for more than 20 kilometres. If you’re long-distance racing, applying three layers of wax takes no longer than 15 minutes.


Our non-fluoro waxes start at just $54.99, and each chunk of our glide wax equates to 50 to 75 uses. That means, in some instances, you’re spending less than a dollar per application, making our environmentally safe and competitive ski wax an economical one as well.
Yes, there is an upfront cost to use ULLA wax products; you’ll need any of the ULLA Waxing Systems to properly apply. But this investment will save any master skier, racer, or skiing enthusiast hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.
If you have any questions or concerns about our waxes and our approach to development, we welcome you to reach out. Please complete the form on our Contact Page or email us directly at